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Fire Resistant Door Supplier and Manufacturer

Sandor provides pre-designed Fire Rated Door System in FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 for every requirement, including private, commercial and public buildings. Sandor fire doors have been deployed in schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, shopping malls, transport terminaals, apartment complexes and more.
With Sandor, clients have the convenience of a one-stop service centre, where the entire door set from can be procured instead of having to coordinate orders, compliance, scheduling and deliveries from several suppliers. And compatibility issues no longer arise because all Sandor Fire Door set components have been optimized for maximum performance at source. Sandor also supplies door set custom-manufacturered for particular applications according to customer¡¯s specific requirements.

Breakthrough Technology

Now with Sandor¡¯s breakthrough fire door engineering technology, Sandor fire doors look and feel like designer doors while still boasting the same fire ratings as normal fire doors. With our proprietory manufacturing process, not only do you have the option of having woon veneers or liminates applied on the fire door¡¯s surface, but also other non-traditional fancy materials such as timber carving, stone, marble, granite, tiles, fabric, leather, glass, mirrors and so on.
Sandor designer fire doors are fully tested and approved to the fire rating specification of international testing agencies such as SIRIM, PSB and Warrington. So with Sandor, you have the proven performance of a fire door PLUS the additional benefits of unlimited design possibilities and superior engineering advantages.

Consistent Design Theme
Fire doors no longer need to stick out like a sore thumb because Sandor fire doors and door frames can be seamlessly merged into the surrounding interior design. This opens up unprecedented choices of design and material application possibilities. With these new options, designers can now finally produce a completely consistent interior design even when there are fire doors present. With Sandor, almost any door finishing option is possible ¨C from grooving patterns to panelling or any ¡°add-on¡± material designs. Sandor fire doors can match any design theme of the surroundings. Sandor¡¯s technology also allows for the fire seal, closer & lipping to be completely concealed for better aesthetic results.

Superior Engineering
Sandor¡¯s designer fire doors core is manufacturerd using cement, clay, expanded pearlite and selected binders, making them extremely tough yet weigh significantly less compared to other fire doors with similar fire ratings. This makes the doors much easier to install, saving several man-hour costs per door. These lightweight doors also exert less stress on hardware than other similarly rated doors, and the advanced materials used for the core are also easy to cut and machine, making even more design options possible Sandor¡¯s engineering technology has also finally solved the common problem of warping veneer wraps on fire doors. Our manufacturing process ensure that Sandor fire doors and frames boast perform at optimium level, so the doors can maintain their beautiful facade for years and years.

Limitless Options

Sandor fire door technologies also present brand new options for designers, challenging the boundaries of design possiblities. For example, Sandor allows for fire doors to be installed without door frames, with the leaves mounted directly to the wall. Sandor is also capable of producing oversize doors according to individual clients¡¯ specifications. Sandor¡¯s oversize fire doors have been tested to the maximum dimensions of test labs and performed consistently to their fire ratings.
We also welcome other unusual fire door specification from clients as we relish the challenge of designing and engineering a solution.

Certification For Environmental Friendly Product
As part of our efforts to ensure a sustainable world, Sandor strives to be environmentally and socially responsible. We are committed to supplying products that are engineered in strict compliance to quality processes to minimize material wastage. Sandor also ensures that all timber materials are sourced from well-managed and certified forest sources. And the use of chemicals is kept to a minimum in favor of more environmentally-friendly production technologies. FSC certified products are also available to comply with local regulatory requirements.
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