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SHK6001BM1 – Single Panel Flush Bookmatch Veneered Design American White Oak Door

The SHK6001BM1 is a flat single panel flush door, communicating its modern and minimalistic feel, yet adding a touch of sophistication with its bookmatch veneered design.

The Sandor SHK Series is a range of stile and rail joinery door which is inspired by a simplistic style yet contemporary by many minimalist by the clean lines and flat panels that offer unprecedented appeal that fits many decor of a dwelling. A good variety of wood species is offered, adding value to any property.

  • Flush and smooth surface, perfect for painting and decorating.
  • Doors available in 35mm, 38mm, 40mm, 45mm or 50mm thicknesses.
  • Wide selection of designs and sizes are available.
  • Modern flush design, simplistic yet contemporary.
  • Stiles and rails construction is made of environmentally friendly material reflecting Sandor’s commitment to environmental excellence.





Application / Uses

This door design can be used as a interior door and exterior door. For best results, use the solid wood core construction for exterior door purposes. This will enhance its water resistance.

Available Wood Types for this Door

  • African Macore
  • African Okume
  • African Sapele
  • American Cherry
  • American Hard Maple
  • American Knotty Alder
  • American Macore
  • American Maple
  • American Red Oak
  • American Walnut
  • American White Oak
  • American White Poplar
  • European Steamed Beech
  • Malaysian Meranti
  • Malaysian Nyatoh
  • Reconstituted Teak
  • Reconstituted Wenge

Ovolo Profile
Sandor SHK Series Door Ovolo Profile

Core Construction Details

This door is available in 2 different construction materials

SHK series core A - particleboard
Core Type A
Stiles & Rails with Particleboard

SHK series core A - particleboard
Core Type B
Stiles & Rails with Finger-Jointed/
Laminated Woodcore


There are 3 finishing options for this door:

  • Polyurethane(PU) Lacquer
  • Acid Curing(AC) Lacquer
  • Nitrocellulose(NC) Lacquer

This door is paintable and stainable.

Fire Rating

This door is rated FD30.

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