Timber Door Malaysia – Selecting a Timber Front Door

When you move into your new home in Malaysia, you will have countless things to do in order to create a design and style that you like. A good list will include getting a new set of cabinets, re-doing the floor, and changing the window grills.

However, of all, there is one important thing, which you really need to pay attention to: changing your timber front door. A beautiful timber door as your entry door make a great first impression for your home, and should not be overlooked.

When you head out to the market in search for your entry door, you will be spoilt with choices. Here are a few tips on choosing an ideal timber front door.

Tip 1: Take a good look at your current home and note the design of your window and floor. You will want to find an entry door that really fits into the general color scheme. If you are remodeling your whole home, consider drafting up all the designs with your interior designer before you make your purchase.

Tip 2: Choose the correct core material for your entry door. The materials not only affect the look and style, but also the practicality and durability of the door. Investigate the properties, pros and cons of each material before you decide. For timber doors, using a solid wood core is essential for entry doors.

Tip 3: Pick your door from established sources. Like every other thing in life, you get what you pay for. Doors are no different. Established manufacturers in the door industry follow strict environmental guidelines and take extra steps to ensure the quality of the doors, making the investment worthwhile.

Getting the right entry door for your home is not only a glamor and impression issue, but also about security and long term cost savings as well. Be sure to hire a professional renovation contractor to give you the best recommendations!