Fire Door Malaysia – Protection from Household Fires

If you have the luxury to own and stay in landed property in Malaysia, and even have your own garage, there are many aspects of the house design that you need to pay attention to. After all, we all want to stay in a place that is not only luxurious, cozy and comfortable, but also safe and secure too.

Consider using fire doors, especially for the entry between your home and your garage.

Apart from the kitchen where you have your cooking hobs and possibly gas cylinders, the garage is the most likely room that is prone to fire incidents. Your garage is probably the place where you store your most combustible and flammable substances and liquids like paint thinner and your spare container of petrol or gasoline.

If not well isolated from the living space, a fire can easily spread from your garage to the other parts of the house. A well installed fire rate door in between can help to hold the smoke and fire from spreading for between 30 to 90 minutes, and this can well mean the difference between a safe evacuation and having the fire rescue team at your doorstep putting out the fire, versus a total tragedy for the occupants.

Using a fire door can be a real lifesaver in these critical moments, and with today’s building technology, fire rated doors do not have to be particularly dull and boring looking like it was in the past. Today, some manufacturers even allow the the fire seals can be completely hidden from the consumer, so the door will look like a regular timber door that can bring style and personality to your home.

When selecting a fire door for your home, be sure to check that the door has a label that states that the door has been tested by the relevant authorities, and also states its fire rating. For maximum safety, you can choose a door with a 60 or 90 minute fire rating.

Keeping you family safe from household fires requires diligence when choosing the right door to install at the right places. Fire doors, together with smoke alarms, will help you and your family members sleep well at night, knowing that you are safe.