Engineered Door Malaysia – Why Choose Sandor’s Engineered Doors?

As you take time to decide on your choice of doors for your project, you will find that there are many materials and options to choose from. Here are 8 great reasons why you should choose using an Engineered Door instead of traditional solid timber doors.

1. More environmentally friendly

Unlike traditional solid timber doors, over 70% of the engineered door’s volume consist of composite materials such as finger-jointed blockboard made from plantation grown trees like rubberwood.

2. Hardly warp and twist

Because door skin are glued to the timber frame, panels and finger-jointed infill core, they have a single reinforced structure that resists the timbers natural tendency to warp and twist

3. Less susceptible to splitting and cracking

Traditional doors are made of individual pieces held together by scribed and dowel joints. The panels are produced by edge gluing narrower pieces together. This construction invariably results in splits and cracks. The engineered door is using composite material which joining in different wood material has significantly reduced and resist the tendency.

4. Better uniformity of color and texture

Unlike traditional timber which cannot guarantee uniformity of color and texture simply because they come from different species or trees, the veneered door are normally produced from the same flinch or log, so there are less surprise when it comes to color and texture.

5. Less movement of components during life span

Timber, being a natural product, would continue to swell and shrink throughout the life of the door. This will result in cracked paintwork. Engineered door have less movement due to using finger jointed laminated blockboard has reduced the saturation of fiber in the wood.

6. Affordable designer models

It is easier for intricate to be incorporated into engineered door than into a solid timber door. Cost is kept to the minimum, and choice of designs, including designer exclusive is abundant.

7. Greater flexibility in weight and thickness

If weight and cost are of concern, the end user has the option to request for semi-solid versions without any compromise on the appearance of the door. The thickness of doors can also be specified to meet special requirement.

8. Reasonable price for imported species

Imported species for traditional doors will not just be extremely costly, but will also take months to reach you. But with engineered door, the veneer is a wide range of imported species are readily available at reasonable price.